3D Modelling

All 3D models were made using 3ds Max with some animations applied. Concepts come from viewing real world objects and created objects from imagery of blueprints.

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Fish Monster

The Fish Monster project continues through to the environment stage in 2017. This model once rigged and textured will be animated using motion-capture in a created cave environment. The related images shows the model being created using industry process and retains a triangle count less than 20,000 to be used in-game.

Skaarj Variant

Following the Skaarj concept art from Unreal tournament, this game ready character is less than 10,000 polygons. The character was created in a timeline of two weeks as a work contribution towards the Rising Star 3D artist competition, second round.

The creation process was done using my made standard human template model and implemented through the following software in the order they were used:

  • ZBrush - High poly sculpt

  • 3ds Max - Low poly build

  • Substance Painter - Baking and texturing

  • Unreal Engine 4 - Material applied.

Environment assets (Fish Monster scene)

All models to be used in a real time environment. Assets were made in the process of high poly sculpting in ZBrush, creating a low poly version in 3ds Max and baking and applying the textures in Substance Painter.

Cartoon dinosaur

A cartoon style was followed by blueprints with the variations being of my own artistic touch.


The idea was to have these variations being either powerups of the dinosaur or variations of the creature depending on its environment in the game.

McLaren 650s Spider

This car model was created by following images, blueprints and observing it at a car dealership. Animation is applied to wheels and camera to show off aspects of the car.

It was created using modelling techniques such as NURBS, mesh-editing, extruding and lofting. (View slide for image and video)


Created as a generic example house to be used in a VBS3 terrain, this house can be entered with interactive doors. It also has a RoadWay LOD built to allow the player in VBS3 to walk up the stairs and navigate the upper floor.


Constructed in 3ds Max, textured and rigged in Oxygen 2, and exported for use in VBS3.

Poly-count: 3,458    Tri-count: 8,027


Created from my own design, the model is going to be applied as a character in a space themed game.

For now it remains in a T-Pose with the skeleton rigged to the skin.

Realistic dinosaur

This study of dinosaurs followed a more realistic blueprint. The process consisted of modelling each intricate limb in different stages to then apply to the body.

Slime Enemies

These two slime enemies have been modelled by my own design and used in one of the created games. Each enemy animation was rendered on a spritesheet to place into the 2D platformer.

Both enemies follows the same 'jelly' theme but have their own unique animations. The pink moving left and right with the green jumping up and down.

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