Liam Griffin - 3D Artist for Games and Simulation

Hi, I'm a 3D Environment / Asset Modeller, recently graduated from University of Portsmouth having studied a BSc (Hons) Degree in Computer Games Technology, where I received First Class Honours. Currently working as a 3D Artist for a Defence Academy producing vehicles and environment assets.


My previous experience was completing a year as a Defence Simulation/Gaming Undergraduate Placement, to which I was awarded by my University and Employers the Best Placement Student.

At an early age I have been fascinated in how the characters and worlds in both animated films and games are created.  I would watch the creator's development diaries on how these characters and worlds are brought to life from the designer's vision.  As an avid computer and video games player, I knew this is where my interests lay, as I could envisage my own creation of characters and scenery being brought to life through gaming.

It's inspiring how the gaming industry has evolved worldwide over the years. I find the development of 3D modelling fun and creative. My aim is to create games not only for the entertainment industry but also for the educational industry.

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    GameJam Certificate

    My contribution from a team of two was lead character animator, designer and environment asset builder.