Real-time Character

Software used to create​

  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2017

  • ZBrush

  • Substance Painter 2

Fish Monster

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The character model was inspired from the cave monsters in The Descent film franchise. Where these humanoid creatures had visual characteristics of bats, my spin on the idea was a transformation into fish-like features. The fish monster had once been from human descent that got trapped in a water filled cave system and over time had developed physical adaptation to survive in the environment. This idea of someone forming into the monster through the environment came from the cordyceps infection portrayed in the game, The Last of Us. The infected has fungus growing over their body having it overwhelm them with the increase of the infection. My character has its own variant of effects on the body such as fish scales/spikes piercing the skin, coral growth on the chest and barnacles forming on the left shoulder and limbs.

The human base build of the character was constructed in 3ds Max with ZBrush used to add further detail. The total number of triangles used to create the high poly character was 1,492,116. My goal was to allow this character model to be used in game, however as it was too high detail to run smoothly I was required to decrease the count to no more than 20,000 triangles. I successfully did this whilst maintaining the high poly’s quality by making a low poly version of the model adding up to 19,154 triangles and baking the high poly texture onto it in substance painter in which I would continue to paint details.

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    High poly ZBrush front