Created Media

Creating my own films enhances my skillset of working on different software packages for future use if making cinematics in-game or videogame trailers.

Zombies - a Black Ops Film

Police - Lego 

The trailer is a fan made idea of the Black Ops Zombies franchise being portrayed as a film.

This film trailer was made in Premier by cutting and modifying frames as well as appling sound and special effects. The film also comes with a promotional poster as seen to the right created in photoshop.

[Click DOCX icon to see references]

Police - a Lego Stop-Frame Animation

The story consists of a rookie cop having to take on a most wanted villian to prove his worth as an officer. This animation was created using skills such as stop-frame animation, video/audio editing and rotoscoping. The frames were edited and combined to form the final animation cut using tools on software such as Photoshop and Adobe Premier Elements 11.